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"Buyers' Group Agents have professionally and dependably run good auctions for me and helped me buy and sell profitably. I've done business with them for 21 years. They promote sales and know how to bring the buyers."
B. Drum, C.O.O. JKC, Inc. InStock Supply div.

Buyers' Group - Agent-For-You helps you Sell;
We handle Advertising-Promotion for you.

(We ARE NOT a broker, dealer or auctioneer, but an Advertising & Sales Assistant)

At Agent-For-You, we handle advertising to help you promote itemson eBay and other venues. You avoid the hassel, research, wording issues, time-wasting bad inquiries and serious mistakes. If you don't have necessary accounts and linked, we can handle within our account (We require proof you are the item owner in such case.)

We handle all kinds of items: equipment, collectibles, antiques, jewelry, business assets ($200 minimum value). We even CONSULT on Advertising By-Owner Property & Asset-Only Business Sales.

We can get better prices for your items, by our expertise--- to describe, write terms, display, promote and sell your goods.
We DO NOT directly sell cars/vans/trucks (nor real estate), but merely help you advertise & promote for final sale and aid you in arrangements, title transfer. Vehicle assistance not Available in California. Neither is such a consignment.

Different and More Experienced than most Sales Agents:

We are different in that you never have to leave your home or office. You simply make a small commissions deposit when you appointment us special agent to sell an item, and send us a couple of pictures of the item (preferably 5 to 12).
We handle it from there within your instructions and limits, in consultation with you as we research and suggest pricing. The more time you give us, usually the better price we can get (not always). NOTE: We help ONLY with ONLINE Selling - NO LIVE AUCTIONS Called.

Reasonable Commission:

We only charge a commission if the sale is successful. Commission is calculated on Selling Price at decreasing rates on the higher portions of a sale. It is 26% of first $1000, 18% within next $4000 (the portion above $1000, but under $5001), plus 14% of amount above $5000.
See Costs, Examples.
More affordable than many Live Auctioneers, who typically charge 20% PLUS a 15% Buyuers Premium !!

No full commission if No Sale:

We only charge a commission if the sale is successful. If you withdraw the item before 60 days, your commission deposit (25% of estimated commission) will be retained for our trouble and to discourage withdrawing items committed to sell by our help.
We work for our clients as if for ourselves. Much of our business is repeat; Some we have helped for over 10 years. Let us be the Agent-For-You.

About How Long does it take to sell and how long do we agree to try?

We agree normally to allow up to 60 days to sell an item (normal listing unless agreed less).

Allow 2 or even 3 Listing periods of 60 days each (some items just ARE slow sellers.

How long it takes to sell varies highly, depending on demand, visibility, how many dealers sell new similar, price, number of buyers (some may be strong but seldom look), starting or reserve bid price, how well the item is titled, tagged and described, what is the current supply (if normally there are none, but right now there are 16 available, that is not good timing).

IF YOU WANT TO SELL FASTER, often at a better price - WE CAN Greatly Increase Odds-- by additional Advertising:

For this SPECIAL GOOGLE ADVERTISING, we charge 4% of your Asking Price up front additional for EXPEDITED SALE PROMOTION. Add to that about 5% of Sell Price in Google Fees per 60 day listing period. This is a Special Forum Fees billed each Listing Period.

Ask us - in the listing form comments, put EXPEDITED. We will bill you 4% via Paypal Request. NOTE: A faster sale is not Guaranteed, but statistically, this can increase the odds by 5 times or more of a quicker sale. We do an EXPERT JOB, based on over 11 years of Google experience.

What kinds of items can be sold on eBay?
We handle items over $200 value. Various types of items can be sold. We sell everything from furniture to electronics, antiques to vehicles, and everything in-between. We sell for individuals, businesses and estates. Whether you have one item, several or a building full, are just over-stocked, or just downsizing your home and life to simplicity, Agent-For-You can help you sell it on eBay or appropriate venue. (We often list in more than one location with special terms to prevent duplicate sales.)

*Your GUIDELINES: When you appoint us special agent strictly only to sell specific items for you, you provide GUIDELINES via a form we have to suggest how to set range and limits, and preferred period and terms of sale (Ebay does not allow "no warranty" or no return as to functionality or incorrect description, unless an item is classed a certain way, but we typically can greatly reduce returns or "adjustments" by wording of offer Terms. We also specialize in negotiating good settlement terms in event of a dispute or warranty claim.

LIMITED Special Agent Powers

You appoint us "specially" for a specific task, which means Limited in scope & authority. There is wide mis-understanding of the term "Special Agent". What it really means importantly is that the purpose of the appointment of agency is limited to a specific purpose and activity. A special agent has very narrow powers, unlike a general agent, such as a General appointment of agent-in-fact. The protection to you (to extent of our legal knowledge and this is not legal advice)--- is that by appointment we have no powers to obligate you redarding other property or commitments, but only to do this purpose--- to sell your item under our agreement which is also your specific instructions to agent. It is agreed that this agency ends upon sale or termination of efforts to sell, hereunder.

Agreement and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

By your use of this website in any way or by contacting us, you signify your acceptance, agreement and consent to be legally bound by the terms and conditions and description of means and manner of appointment of us, Agent-for-You (Buyers' Group div.) in this website, and the Terms and Conditions page hereof. You also agree that you have read and understand this website, how we work and all the Terms and Conditions hereunder.

All other use, copying or distribution of this website or any of its content and information in any way without express written permission is prohibited. This website is protected by copyright laws which we seriously defend and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

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