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How much does it cost to use Agent-For-You?
Terms, Costs and Conditions to List

We don't list items under $200 value, by our estimate. At least $300 in items is required.
Whenever an item sells from a lead from our listing it, a full Fee is due us. That can occur after listing periods run out.
If we found the buyer, we get the Fee if it sells.
Normally we agree to one or more allotted 60 day listing periods (or less).
If item never sells, or sells from some other place you found the buyer, no Fee is due, but forum listing fees to date are due. That is:

normally If No Sale, then No Fee due.

There are only two exceptions to normal listing Fee refund:
  1. You pull the item before the listing period, then we keep the 25% of estimated commision deposit; or
  2. You demand a bid start price more than 20% above our recommended price, then likewise we keep the 25% of estimated Fee if it doesn't sell, for our trouble (because we said it probably would not sell for that).

Except for those exceptions, we don't charge for listing the item, except for $7-$20 up front to cover the eventual total listing fees (or $54 part of Ebay vehicle listing fees).

You always pay all Ebay or similar selling platform fees.
Ebay charges listing and other fees PLUS a final sale fee and Paypal fee. Your fees are limited to the above if we don't sell it (no Ebay final sale fee). Some Ebay categories' listing fees are $20.

Refundable 25% Deposit of Fee Up front -
(Refundable--except under two exceptions at top above).

If your item does not sell in the agreed time, and you want to stop, we refund your Fee deposit of 1/4 of estimated Fee (on estimated selling price), less the $7-$54 Ebay fees above (all listing fees will be deducted from your refund of deposit).

Summary of all Fees on Sale:

When an item sale is completed (is delivered and accepted), you get the final sale price less our Fee (below) and less eBay's and Paypal (or similar bank) fees (our costs) related to your sale.
If you and us agree to special additional advertising on big items, we bill you for half of that advertising as it occurs, due within 5 days.

Fee Rates Detail and Ebay's Fees:

Fee is simple so you don't get any surprise costs after your sale:
We charge --26% of the first $1000 of a sale, --18% of the next $4000, and --14% of the amount above $5000 (above $1000+$4000) per item, plus normal Ebay and Paypal fees which range around 6% to 13% (Paypal part of Ebay charges about 3%).

Vehicles: For a successful vehicle or car sale, we charge less-- 75% (3/4) of the above rate, plus the usual eBay fees at cost. That includes at least $52 eBay fee when a vehicle is listed (can be more on some re-listings, and some category fees.

We pass on to client all eBay fees for use of their site, whether an item sells or not. These fees are explained in more detail here:


--- We sold a test Instrument for $3850. eBay's fees were ----$270
Agent-For-You fees were 260(28%)+513(18% of $2850)= ------------$773 ,
resulting in the final net of ------------------------------------ $2807* net to Seller.

We sold a necklace for $360. eBay's fees were $38.00, plus Agent-for-You fee (26%) was 93.60, leaving net proceeds of $228.40 to Seller

On large items near $10,000 to $30,000, the total Fee comes out about 16% to 14.8%, plus a fairly low percentage eBay or forum fee of around 4% and Paypal fee of 2.8%. (Or can save that if they wire you.)

How it works:

  • Contact us by online form(preferred) or phone.
  • Describe your items and we'll respond and agree on a listing.
  • Minimum value per item must be at least $200 in its current condition.
  • Be sure to indicate the least you will take for an item. Sentimental value doesn't sell well-be realistic.
  • Minimum total value of items for engaging us must be at least $300 (1 to 3 items)
  • The form guides listing with fields for each piece of information.
  • We can guide you or a friend to take pictures (at least 2 )to send attach to increase sellability.
  • OR you can find a picture online very similr to your item. (For $10 we will do a search and show you some pictures, if you don't want to take a picture). If you do not provide pictures, you must provide 2 references: (credit card) and an unrelated person who vouches that you own the item.
  • For large items (equipment, cars, furniture, boats, etc.), attach photos of the items to sell.
  • We do not move larger items prior to sale; They are picked up by buyers' carrier (shipping company) at your location after the sale.
  • We price, word, list and promote your item(s) to increase visibility and exposure.
  • We charge a deposit of 25% of the estimated Fee at this point (fully refundable if does not sell in 60 days or agreed time OR NOT refundable if you pull the item before the normal period or insist on a start price more than 20% above our recommended start price), plus either $7 or $54 Ebay fees for listing (non-refundable)
  • Tell us any special value, rarity, little known information and price aspects of your item.
  • We determine listing periods and times to optimize exposure. We list items usually for 7-10 days or up to 60 days in a combination of fixed and auction style listings. This also depends on your urgency to sell, and popularity of the item and type. Listing period is 60 days unless agreed.
  • It is usually best for auctions to start prices somewhat low and promote the item to encourage competitive bidding which usually gets a fair price. If it was started low and we get one bid, we can sometimes end the auction and not accept the bid (depending on timing of bid).
  • If you insist on higher auction starting prices, be aware a sale can take longer or not sell at all.
  • We manage questions and offers, low-ballers and time-wasters who try to bargain and run down items. You don't have to deal with these pesky hard-bargainers and even frauds who try to rip off sellers by misleading or pressuring them. Our radar is always up to these yokels. Our knowledge of pricing helps .
  • After we sell your items and have the shipping arranged (You agree to be available when buyers' truck or package service (FEDEX or Post Office) comes or to pack their item in a box if smaller (a packing service may be called if larger, at Buyer's expense),
    We can send you the Label, and even a box if you need it. The buyer may have to pay for a pallet,etc. on large heavy items.
  • After the payment clearing period (14 days)& buyer's receipt of item(s), we transfer your earnings less fees to your bank account or via Paypal or Google Check out services. Payments in settlement of items are usually made within 2 weeks of a successful sale.
  • Feel free to ask any questions or just send us a list of items to sell (with description).

Summary of Charges and Pricing:

We charge a basic percentage on final sales price of
26% up to $1000, 18% on amount above $1000 but less than $5001, plus 14% on amount over $5000. Minimum Fee, regardless of selling price (if below $200) is $40 plus Ebay fees. In addition to base Fee above, every seller must pay all Paypal and eBay fees, or any fees of any other reputable site we may use to help sell the item(s) (the average total cost without your time and labor if you did it yourself, with Paypal is about ~13%).
The only fees which will be taken from your final payment are as follows:
  • All Ebay and Paypal (or similar) fees (most paid when you first list, applied toward total final fees). Any Ebay (or similar selling platform fees) are not refundable ($7, $20 or $54) if you end prematurely.
  • A photo assistance fee of $10 if you need help to send photos to us.
  • The Fee (in the schedule above)
  • Selling auction (Ebay) fees and Paypal fee.
  • Any reserve or abnormal product special pricing fees added by Ebay or selling platform (unusual).

If you have any questions on eBay's fees or Agent-For-You fees, feel free to inquire.

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