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Listing Guidelines help you help us do a better selling job, to get a faster higher-price sale

Think like a Buyer who knows NOTHING about your item(s). Prospects REALLY want to know how the item looks, so GET PICTURES. The more and better pictures, the faster the sale and less attempted returns, less questions, more buyer satisfaction.

Describe the main aspects and features of the Item in the Front of the Ad. If you fill out the Listing Form carefully, most of the main information will be prompted for you to put. Brands matter- a Lot.

On our Form, Category is General (like Vehicle, Construction Equipment, or Collectibles). You don't have to fill out every field, but the form always REQUIRES your Phone number (be consistent) and Email. Make sure those are correct.
(If you have several items, like 32 pieces of equipment, we can send you a spreadsheet that duplicates repetitive fields.)

People want to know about Age and Condition. For some items, like Collectibles, that can make a 100 TIMES difference. For some mechanical or technical items for work or production, condition can make the difference in usefulness or useless (no longer supported). Some older mechincal items were made better than now.

Give: Rating Size, Power type & requirements, connections, materials, features, options, physical dimensions. Application-How used, what category or common nomenclature or industry names should be included.

Don't make claims of the value, what it's worth or say Bargain (unless extreme bargain).. You could be wrong or the buyer come to greatly disagree and feel misled. We can look up and show what some comparable items have sold for, and a range.

Pricing is usually crucial, and you MUST have a realistic view of what the items sell for. List prices don't mean much. Big 60 HP New Electric Motors list at $9,000, but on eBay or auctions, they may sell for $900, because they won't have a factory warranty and few buyers can afford $6,000 per month in electric costs. Technology items can be the worst on holding value. Obsolete is just that, unless someone desperately needs one for a special reason. Odds are others have some and that makes prices low. You may think "classic" while buyers think "old piece of junk". TIME is what it takes to Sell some things.

Don't represent old regular clothes and books and similar as worth much. Whether items qualify for listing as over $200 value is solely our decision. If we feel not, it can not be listed by us.

You can "want" what you want, but the Market will bear what it does. Sometimes it will surprise you upwards, but usually NOT. You'd best be ready to sell within about 5-10% of the lowest-priced similar items listed. If you insist on being "beyond the market", expect to possibly not sell for 6 months, a year or never. We will not work with people with unrealistic expectations.

A properly-priced item will often sell in 30 to 120 days. That means we may relist it 5 to 20 times. (There's a small fee to relist, about .30 to 1.30.) Some unusual items, like specialized equipment or replacement parts or components may not sell for a year or two, or if you get lucky, it can sell in 2 weeks. The point is really YOU NEVER KNOW when a buyer will show up, and what competition will exist. We will suggest the best pricing strategy and research it. We know WHEN to list it and when it should end.

Just follow the basics above, and the input form. If you have lots of items, we can send you a layout spreadsheet.

Take good pictures: Good lighting, and various views. Make the item fill up the WHOLE PICTURE with almost no margin. Show some close ups, especially of good points, and significant defects. Show the Nameplate or Brand plaque if possible. Try to show furniture and boats in their native environment, or with a plain background.

Set your camera density of medium low, to get a 1 to 2 meg picture. For good pictures, if you have several small items (under 18 inches), look online and try to simulate a "Light Box". It is best to have a big box with ends cut out, covered over with tracing papers taped on, with big lights about 250-500 Watts pointing in from both sides, and maybe one also from top. The inside of the box is white tissue or non-glossy poster board. Use a tiny tripod for the camera. (Watch out for your eyes, don't use ultraviolet sun lamp, and don't leave on long, it can burn.)

When you send Pictures, just drag from camera folder to email you are composing. Don't send more than about 2 or 3 in each email.

Ideally put what item the pictures are associated with in each email. We can match up to Form input you filled out. Be sure at least YOUR NAME is on each item form submitted.

Trust us to Know what is Needed & Try to get it:

We will answer questions and help you get going, even fix up info you send if it's not right, as possible.

We don't normally do all the work for you, but we guide you, and then do the listing for you. We tweak it till it has a better chance of selling. All we have to do is work together. Normally we don't take possession of items being sold, but we can if you have reasonable prices and need to get them out of your place. That does not mean we are promising they all will sell. Most may not sell, 95% may sell. Don't read anything into our taking them to sell. We don't have much room, so we will have to charge a nominal fee for storage, at our cost.

If you're a company or individual liquidating a lot of stuff, we can do a good job. Rarely some types of items may be best sold through a Live Auction Public Auctioneer. We'll tell you if we think so. Their fees are comparable, but the disruption is usually high. They may ask for a $4000+ advertising fee for a small $80K auction. Most auctioneers won't handle sales under about $80,000 and 300+ Lots. If there is a bad turnout and bad weather and no minimums, you can lose your rear sometimes with a Live Called Auction.


This is our SPECIALTY - How we bring you the most value, and works best when selling fairly expensive items. We can advertise them specially.

We do best with a few to about 200 items where you and us have a month or two to fairly casually work together to enter the basic information, plus about 60 to 120 days to get much of it sold.

We do better where the items are fairly expensive (about $500 to $500,000). We can sell just one or two of more expensive items like those, providing your best opportunity.

In those cases we can share some advertising costs that probably won't run over 4%, but can make a huge difference. That way we can usually bring in some serious buyers faster. There's nothing more important that getting 2 to 4 bidders on one item wanting it. That is worth advertising to get, on larger-priced items.

This is not difficult and we can help guide you. Ask us any questions you like, anytime.
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