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Buyers' Group MG (Marketing Group)

Parent Buyers' Group (Marketing Group) was first established in N. Texas in 1986 to engage in marketing services, brokering and equipment sales and leasing. Since and before that time, the principals have been buying and selling, assisting in auctions and buying at auction---where we learned a lot. We've learned even more selling for our own account and those of others since.

We've helped various companies in computerized selling and small private auctions since 2001, including setting up internal inventory to bid lists for corporations.


  • broad knowledge of eBay,
  • of pricing and
  • how to write terms,
  • how to place listings in special secret ways,
  • our wording and
  • expert handling of buyer inquiries
---means that we can get you likely the highest possible selling price.

Our goal is to do all the things we've learned to help keep our client's out of trouble and avoid costly mistakes which tie up money and items for months or longer, and avoid unscrupulous buyers who claim problems.. Even better, we usually get near the best prices for sellers when given adequate time.

One unique difference is that we actually promote larger items, especially unique items to the extent the client wishes which can often get a better price. On special and higher priced items, we split extra-special advertising costs on a 50-50 basis, investing in a potentially higher sale.

We know how to word, show, and headline your item for widest distribution to buyers, and how to bring more people into a focused point and place to compete for items, which is what auction selling is really all about. The idea is to bring focus and excitement to a sale in a limited closing time-frame, and we are good at it.

We charge a commission for sales that go through and none if it does not (except Evay listing fees (Ebay's final selling fee will not apply), other than any special agreed advertising. We also pass through any fees of Ebay or another platform which are moderate, such as listing fees typically $1.50 to $50 (vehicles) per item.

We'll sell anything legal & shippable that we think will sell for over $100.

We must have good pictures taken to aid sales. After pricing research, we recommend and set prices within your Guideline, unless we find you are unrealistic in which case we will not sell the item and refund your commission deposit, less 20% for our research.

We manage the auctions which you may watch if you like, and answer questions from prospective bidders through the end of the auction.

We let you know what happened, and help conclude the invoicing and payments, and help the buyers arrange shipping or package service. You are expected to package or set items on a pallet and wrap it, if larger.

Whether you're moving from home or downsizing, rennovating or updating, clearing business stock or otherwise, we can sell it for you on eBay.

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