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About Seller's Agents & Ebay Seller's Agents

An Ebay Assistant or Sales Agent is an experienced eBay marketer who sells or helps sell other people's items for a fee. Ebay calls their affiliates Ebay trading assistants.

We normally act as your assistant and consultant for "For Sale By Owner" advertising, and may use other venues than eBay, and additional marketing-promotion-advertising to increase odds of a sale. Just listing an iten on eBay can be VERY helpful to sell (a HUGE audience), but OUR methods can increase exposure by easily TEN TIMES over just that.

NOT a Dealer, Consignee, Agent or Broker (normally)

We DO NOT ACT AS SALES AGENT NOR BROKER for Vehicles and Real Estate (for which we only consult to help you advertise your For Sale By Owner listing, (You make the Final Negotion or Sale on Vehicles or Real Estate BY OWNER). IT is YOUR Listing, YOUR Advertising.

There are few sales agents like us with decades of real auction and buy-sell experience AND Web-Marketing Skills. You can find lesser-experienced agents that are "Ebay Trading Assistants". If you don't have online auction selling experience or Ebay experience, don't have the necessary Ebay Accounts (with Buyer Ratings) or don't have time---it can be wise to use a selling or buying agent assistant.

  • As required for USA Ebay affiliates, we live in the US.
  • We qualify at and above the level of Ebay Assistants.
  • We have an eBay account in good standing and keep it in good standing, like our financial references.

We have sold many items on Ebay for ourselves and helped others sell hundreds of items.

We are independent contractors, not associated directly with Ebay. Although we qualify, we elected to not be directly associated with Ebay as "Ebay Trading Assistant" in order to maintain our independence and be more able to recommend and use other venues. (eBay prefers their Trading Assistants use eBay Exclusively.)

We have kept at least 98% positive Feedback for ourselves and those we help as agent (99%+).

You can check some of the items we are selling on ebay via our account or those we totally manage. We can provide references. (see Current Sales)

What a good Sales Assistant or Ebay Assistant Does:

  • Informs seller thoroughly and helps identify guidelines and get good pictures
  • research,
  • suggest price,
  • write good terms and descriptions subject to your oversight-approval,
  • list, post pictures, set terms and advertise for you,,
  • provide preliminary terms and pricing clarification to prospects,
  • answer questions,
  • screen out idiots and low-ballers,
  • help you close your sale,
  • invoice for you,
  • collect for you,
  • help arrange shipping,
  • so you then get paid, less all forum advertising, listing fee expenses.

We help manage your auction which you should watch/monitor, and answer most questions from prospective bidders through the end of the auction and afterward (usually several in the course).

We let you know what happened, help conclude the invoicing and payments, and help the buyers arrange shipping or package service. You are expected to package or set items on a pallet and wrap it, if larger, or the buyer may arrange both packing and shipping. We set terms so they are actually anxious to get their items shipped from your location.

Besides normal credit card or other capacity verification, we may request a reference from you or other proof of ownership. Don't feel insulted. We do this to protect all of our clients from unscrupulous frauds.


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